Fascinating creation and nature DVDs and workbooks feature Pastor Terry McComb's outstanding talent in drawing Biblical object lessons and spiritual illustrations from nature.All handouts for In His Image biology seminar

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in his image biology courseThe IN HIS IMAGE DVD Series is our FEATURE series in which Pastor McComb shows how the creator made our bodies in an amazing way. Discover the 11 body systems that service all the cells in your body.

Biology is a wonderful science that teaches us so much about God but we just need to view it from the right perspective. Pastor Terry shows you just how to do that in this amazing course about the body. Aimed at junior high students and their parents this series has something for everyone aged 9 to 99.

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Terry McComb, speaker and writer with Creation Illustrated magazine, has conducted countless character-building, Bible-based seminars that reveal eternal truths through the handiwork of God. The deeply Spiritual messages have a lasting impact on all ages. Seminars feature black light drawings and uplifting piano artistry by Jean McComb, as well as useful handouts. Click here to learn more.

Creation Illustrated: Readers call it "the Christian Answer to National Geographic Magazine".


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